Помогите пожалуйста перевести текст,заранее спасибо!!

Помогите пожалуйста перевести текст,заранее спасибо!!


Legends about Robin Hood have been well known in England for centuries. He was the hero of the poor people and he always helped them. When the sheriffs took the poor peoples money, and the kings soldiers took their food, Robin Hood took money and food from the rich and gave it to the poor. When any poor man was in danger, he could run away to the great forest where Robin Hood lived. And the soldiers were afraid to follow anybody into the forest.

At last the sheriff of Northampton [nor’Saemptan], Robin Hoods greatest enemy thought of a plan to make Robin Hood come out of the forest. Well have a competition, he said. Whoever can shoot an arrow farthest and best will receive a golden arrow as a prize. I am sure Robin Hood will come to the competition. And though we have never seen him, we know that he has a bright green coat.

On the day of the competition, hundreds of people came to Northampton from all the little towns near the city. The sheriff and his men looked everywhere, but there was nobody there in a bright green coat. At-the end of the competition, the sheriff gave the golden arrow to the winnera strong young man in a red coat.

That night somebody shot an arrow into the sheriffs window. There was a paper round the head of the arrow, with these words on it: Robin Hood thanks the sheriff for the golden arrow»

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